Pressure Testing Safety: Haskel's Focus on Employee Health Means Better Data for Customers

Content based on an interview with Graham Fox, Haskel Operations Manager - Sunderland, UK Testing Facility

Last month, Haskel, a company with 70 years of experience in expertise in high-pressure, liquid and gas transfer and pressurization technology, completed construction of a dedicated testing facility at their Sunderland, UK location. This facility will be used to test and inspect 100% of their pressurization systems.

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Gas Transfer & Pressurization Series: High pressure Nitrogen Gas Transfer and Pressurization for Safe Emergency Shut down

In the oil and gas industry, critical failures are thankfully few and far between, but when they do occur immediate action to shut off the source of leakage is of utmost importance.

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Gas Transfer & Pressurization Series: Providing Safe and Streamlined Gas Charging Systems for Leading Helicopter Test Equipment Manufacturer

Haskel is a long-term supplier to one of the leading manufacturers of mobile test equipment for the aviation industry. As part of this partnership, Haskel is proud to provide high pressure nitrogen charging systems which are used for ground support for Apache and other helicopters.

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Gas Transfer & Pressurization Series: Advancing Safety Innovations in the Aviation Industry

With an exemplary reputation for safety and quality, Haskel has earned its wings in the aviation industry by providing commercial airline companies and military aviation units around the globe with high-pressure gas and liquid transfer and pressurization solutions that keep passengers and crews safe and secure as they navigate the skies.

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