Haskel to Exhibit High-Pressure Solutions at First Year of North American Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Show

Haskel will share its hydrogen gas boosters and high-pressure products in booth 6823-FC September 10-13 as the largest show in the industry comes to the U.S.

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Achieving Availability and Reliability in High-Pressure Solutions through Proactive Customer Service

In 2015, Haskel Europe began an 8-month endeavor to overhaul its customer reporting system. The goal: ensuring customer satisfaction in both availability and reliability. Success in these areas depends on offering lead times when products are ordered and performing against those lead times when it is time to deliver.

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Haskel and Fellow Accudyne Brands Williams and BuTech to Exhibit High-Pressure Expertise at Offshore Europe Trade Show

Haskel, along with Williams and BuTech, will exhibit at Offshore Europe September 5-8 in booth 1H62. Visit them during the show to learn more about how each brand provides high-pressure solutions for various markets. 

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Pressure Testing Safety: Haskel's Focus on Employee Health Means Better Data for Customers

Content based on an interview with Graham Fox, Haskel Operations Manager - Sunderland, UK Testing Facility

Last month, Haskel, a company with 70 years of experience in expertise in high-pressure, liquid and gas transfer and pressurization technology, completed construction of a dedicated testing facility at their Sunderland, UK location. This facility will be used to test and inspect 100% of their pressurization systems.

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Gas Transfer & Pressurization Series: High pressure Nitrogen Gas Transfer and Pressurization for Safe Emergency Shut down

In the oil and gas industry, critical failures are thankfully few and far between, but when they do occur immediate action to shut off the source of leakage is of utmost importance.

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Gas Transfer & Pressurization Series: Providing Safe and Streamlined Gas Charging Systems for Leading Helicopter Test Equipment Manufacturer

Haskel is a long-term supplier to one of the leading manufacturers of mobile test equipment for the aviation industry. As part of this partnership, Haskel is proud to provide high pressure nitrogen charging systems which are used for ground support for Apache and other helicopters.

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Mitigating Risks in Oxygen Gas Booster Begins with Equipment Hygiene: Aftermarket Oxygen Cleaning Services Help Ensure Health and Safety

Each year, Haskel delivers hundreds of gas boosters and high pressure systems to customers in the aviation, military and automotive industries who utilize them with a variety of gases, including oxygen. The equipment arrives oxygen cleaned, certified and ready for use from Haskel’s pristine oxygen cleaning facilities which feature ISO 7,000/US 10,000 clean rooms.

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Haskel Innovation Results in Higher Pressures, Increased Oxygen Content & Cost Savings for High-Pressure Systems Customer

Dave Gordon, Haskel’s west coast Regional Sales Manager, recently received a call from a company using a competitive gas booster system who was looking for a quote on a replacement for their R&D lab. True to Haskel's commitment to innovation, Dave began not by seeking to replicate someone else's design but rather to build something to fit this customer's unique application.

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Improving Oxygen Gas Booster Safety: Haskel Introduces Aftermarket Oxygen Cleaning Services Using its ISO 7/ US 10,000 Level Clean Rooms

Haskel’s commitment to safety has made us a leader in many industries and oxygen cleaning for our gas boosters and systems has been an important part of this commitment for more than four decades. Oxygen cleaning is critical to the safety of many applications because pure oxygen, is a volatile gas. Any contaminants such as oil or dirt can cause oxygen to combust during the gas boosting process when heat is generated.

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Haskel to Launch New Oil and Gas Application App at the Offshore Technology Conference

May 1-4, Haskel will showcase its products for high-pressure applications, as well as a new oil and gas app, in booths 4539 and 4314 during the Offshore Technology Conference.

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