Integrating Supply Chains in High-Pressure Hydrogen Systems for Market Advancements

The International Energy Agency estimates that there were 3.1 million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road at the end of 2017 and predicts that there will be 125 million by 2030.

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Meeting Market Demand: Changing the Standard of Standardization in High-Pressure

The introduction of Amazon’s 2-day shipping has completely shifted consumer buying expectations. If speedy delivery options aren’t available, buyers may take their business elsewhere. Even though turnaround times are naturally longer in manufacturing, this expectation of expedited delivery is finding its way into the high-pressure marketplace.

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Case Study: Solving High-Pressure Gas Booster Challenges for Test Cell Application

When a customer was facing challenges in their testing operations, Ray Schnell, former Haskel employee and current distributor, developed a unique solution that helped the customer meet their requirements. 

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Diver Technician Training—The Important Role of High-Pressure Pumps in Diving Safety

High-pressure equipment, such as pumps and valves, play a vital role in diving activities. This is especially true for critical diving missions such as rescues. Tony Webster has been training divers for years and has been involved in various diving equipment development projects. As a diving trainer, Tony understands the importance of reliable, quality high-pressure equipment and reinforces safety to his students continuously. 

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2019 Subsea Expo: What’s Next in High-Pressure Technology & Safety

In early February, members of the Haskel team attended Scotland’s 2019 Subsea Expo. The exhibition floor featured new technologies that will enhance recovery and safety in high-pressure operations, and a significant subsea market ramp-up in 2019 and 2020 was a frequent topic of conversation.

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Case Study: Selecting an Air-Driven Pump for Water Filter Housings

With nearly 40 years in the precision flow business, Ray Schnell has seen a lot of interesting uses for high-pressure equipment across a variety of industries. A Product Specialist at FLW, Ray spent 20 years with Haskel. In this time, he grew his product expertise exponentially by finding solutions for customer challenges. Below, Ray shares a case where he used his product expertise and troubleshooting experience to implement best-fit solutions for his customers’ unique needs.

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Distributor Feature: Using High-Pressure Expertise to Build Whole-System Solutions

As a leading manufacturer of high-pressure gas and liquid handling equipment, Haskel is deeply committed to the highest quality in all facets of their business. Haskel's rich network of distributors is key to upholding these standards. Haskel recognizes the hard work their distributors put in and the important role they play in the company's success. To show appreciation for these partnerships, we're proud to highlight the work these distributors do.

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High-Pressure Hydrogen Advancements: Haskel Engineering to Present at ASME’s Largest Mechanical Engineering Conference


Haskel kicked off the 2018 industry event lineup with the reveal of our composite barrel to completely mitigate hydrogen embrittlement, which can decrease maintenance costs and improve reliability for high-cycle pressure vessels. This can ultimately drive down the cost of hydrogen compression and fuel cell vehicles.

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Rebuilding the High-Pressure Network in an Important Region: How a New Approach Encouraged Exponential Growth and Improved Customer Service

In just eight months, Haskel has taken their high-pressure equipment presence in Australia and New Zealand from dull to dominating. Customers in this region struggled with differing sales and service experiences in recent years. Haskel Sales Director for Australia and New Zealand, Paul Peverley, was tasked with reshaping the brand's presence in this region with a new approach.

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Case Study: How Quick Thinking and Expert High-Pressure Engineering Saved Lives


We recently shared a story of the cave rescue of a soccer team in Thailand and the role Haskel’s high-pressure equipment played. Today, we're taking a deeper look into how the quick thinking of rescuers, suppliers and the Haskel product support team made that rescue possible.

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